LISTEN: Zimbabwean artist speaks on the importance of love in “Be Mine”

By Loren Dondo

LALAH has released a new song “Be Mine” which touches on one of the most important keys to musical inspiration which is love. The song which features El Jay, premiered on Soundcloud and has an R&B vibe to it, almost reminding you of your first love.

Speaking of first love, Lalah credits his grandmother and mother as the first people to be supportive of his musical talent. Born and raised in Budiriro, the musician says he was influenced by both women. It is that unconditional love from a parent-figure that can teach you about devotion and sacrifice; which is the undertone behind the title of the song “Be Mine.”

However, it was his first love relationship that pushed him to write “Be Mine”, after a break-up. “The girl was the first girlfriend to believe in my music and I loved her for it,” he says. “She told me to follow my dreams.”

The Zimbabwean born musician is not afraid to express himself when it comes to love. Additionally he is no stranger to the ups and downs of lock down as he breaks his silence on the pandemic that has affected many; including relationships.

“Everyone is being told to stay at home and some are now forced into long-distance relationships because of that. So that trust is broken in the process,” he says. “Be Mine is about sacrifice, to open yourself up to someone despite the odds.”

“I’m trying to tell people that anything is possible in love and relationships,” he adds. The narrative gives a whole new meaning to what love can be despite the challenges presented by lock down. The meaning conveys a message that the pandemic does not have to affect a relationship, but should be motivation to think outside of the box and make it work, despite the long distance.

Although “Be Mine” is mostly R&B, Lalah does not want to limit himself to soul music. ‘I want to venture into all genres, I could also do Afro-pop,” he explains.

His vocals definitely have potential to sound exquisite on any kind of record, but the musician does not give any further details on what he has in store for future projects. “I’ve been writing some new songs and trying to put an EP out, also looking for other up and coming artists to collaborate with,” he says.

“Lockdown has given me time to work on my school and music, even though it has put me down in terms of performing,” he says. The musician expresses gratitude for the free time he has found during lock down while also acknowledging that it was also a bump in the road to success. Lalah does not strike as the kind to give up because of challenges presented to him.

“People should never give up. The negativity that is thrown at you in the music business should be the driving force behind your success,” he says. The young artist urges new musicians to have an image to live up to and find ways to cross the bumps in the road to success.

Speaking of his future endeavors, Lalah would love to see himself performing on international stages and being seen as a good representation of Zimbabwe.

“There is alot of talent in Zimbabwe and I would like the world to see it.”