Life coach pens a book on youth empowerment

By Colette Musanyera

LOCAL life coach, Shingie Fundira has added a feather to her cap by launching a career as an author through her debut book ‘Identity Crisis: Unlock The Hidden Treasure Within You.’

The inspirational book which is Fundira’s first, explores various issues which affect the youth in their quest to discover their purpose in life.

“This book is a thought provoking inspirational piece which chronicles various themes which the youth can identify with,” said Fundira.

“There is an inherent contradiction within people’s need for self-worth, self-recognition and the desire to fit into a society that is inherently complex. I tackled that in the book and a whole lot of other topics which are seldom talked about, but affect the lives of youths.”

The book which is already doing well on Amazon, is set to be officially launched this month, with plans at an advanced stage to take it to high schools and tertiary institutions.