Legislators call for capacitation of ZIMRA

By Wellington Makonese

THE National Assembly resumed this Tuesday, with a report on the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) capacity issues taking centre stage.

Legislators recommended capacitation of the revenue collector and its autonomy.

“In our findings, the institution has some porous collection mechanisms which are evidenced in infrastructure; they have capacity to perform better. We propose that they retain 3% of the revenue they collect,” said Honourable Matthew Nyashanu, the Chairperson Budget and Finance committee.

“We went across ZIMRA borders. ICT equipment leaves a lot to be desired because that’s a recipe for leakages,” said Hon Edwin Mushoriwa, a legislator.

“More finances should be given to this institution I agree. Yes, it’s good for them to be autonomous, but due diligence needs to be taken over the motives,” said Honourable Pupurai Togarepi, another legislator.

“Tax collection is one of the most important aspect of governance. All its facets require more resources for us to relate to other countries,” said Honourable Tendai Biti.

Approximately US$5 billion worth of goods come through the country’s ports of entry every year, hence the need for equipping the institution to ensure the nation is not prejudiced of its earnings.