Legislator talks tough on child abuse

By ZBC Reporter
WEDZA South legislator Tinoda Machakaire has called on people in his constituency to report cases of child abuse to the police.
Addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters at Goto Business Centre, in Wedza yesterday Machakaire said it was important to raise awareness on child abuse as it affects the future of the country.
“I am calling upon each one of you to take time to report to cases of child abuse. Let us fight that because those children are the future of the country. Youths play an important role in shaping the future and we are calling upon everyone to be responsible. Report to the police any case of child abuse,” he said.
Machakaire who is also the Deputy Minister of Youth Sports, Arts and Recreation said child marriages are dangerous to the society as they ruin the future and development of the constituency.
“We need to understand the consequences of child marriages in our society. Let us all fight I against that as people of Hwedza South,” he added.
Turning to issues of development, Machakaire said he was working with authorities to foster people-centred in his constituency.
“We have done a number of projects here in Hwedza South but we are working to have more so that everyone can benefit from that. We all need to work hard as a community to make sure that these projects become success stories,” he added.
The Youthful MP said he would fight corruption on food distribution and make sure that every member of the constituency benefit.
“We all know that there is drought in the country and we are told that some people are taking advantage of the social welfare food aid. We all know that everyone is fighting against corruption so anyone found on the wrong side will just pack bags and go,” he said.