Learners brace for second phase return to class

Less than 24 hours ahead of the re-opening of schools under the second phase, learners are energised for a reunion with face-to-face interaction with their teachers after a year-long break.

Happy to return to school after a long break, 13-year old  Ryan Amidu gets ready to depart for his new school, to start a new journey  which had almost been thrown into uncertainty  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like thousands of his peers who are starting Form One, the wait was just too long.

This is a shared feeling as children in non-examination classes make the great trek to school for the first term of this year which starts this Monday.

Hectic schedules and hassles are once again returning for parents. 

But  they  can  heave  a  sigh  of  relief from the  pressures  that  came with  attending to the  educational needs of their children away from school due to the  pandemic.

While parents were cracking their heads to meet the back to school demands, children had an easier task… enjoying an early snack as they waved their parents goodbye.