Law Society crafts sexual harassment policy

By Fungai Jachi

THE Law Society of Zimbabwe is crafting a sexual harassment policy as part of measures to improve ambience at workstations and tackle sexual harassment in law firms.

This comes after women in the legal fraternity have added their voices to the need to craft and implement sexual harassment policies to protect employees in the sector of sexual harassment.

“As lawyers, we are not immune to sexual harassment. That is why we understand the importance of crafting a sexual harassment policy so that everyone is protected against the vice,” said Nikiwe Ncube Tshabalala, Law Society of Zimbabwe councillor.

“There is a need to have sexual harassment policies in organisations because people be it male or females are undergoing sexual harassment, but there is no clear way as to how one deals with such a situation. So, having such a policy will help redress the challenge,” said Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights executive director, Roselyn Hanzi.

“There is a need to have a guild line concerning how to handle sexual harassment in the workspace. So in the private sector, it is also important to craft sexual harassment policies,” said lawyer, Phyllis Mudekwa.

This comes after Government approved the Zimbabwe Public Sexual Harassment Policy as part of measures to improve the work environment and tackle sexual harassment at the workplace.