Late journalist, Tutani a stalwart of African values:Min Mutsvangwa

By ZBC Reporter

The Minister of Information,Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa has described late veteran journalist Conway Tutani as a stalwart for the values and ethos of Pan-Africanism.

In a condolence message to the Tutani Family and nation at large,the Minister said Tutani’s death is a grave loss as it speaks to the diminishing of experienced journalists.

Mr Tutani’s death is particularly saddening as it comes in a year where we have lost a number of journalists.The ranks of the more experienced senior journalists are diminishing,and the nation is poorer without them,she said.

The notion that Tutani’s strong opinions were an indicator for non-patriotism was dismissed but explained as a show of intelligence which contributed immensely to the national agenda.

Mr Tutani’s strong opinions should however,never be mistaken for lack of patriotism,as he was a stout patriot who dedicated his sharp intellect to the enrichment of national discourse.There is much to glean from his professional conduct,particularly for the new and upcoming journalists who are buffeted on all sides with compromise and prevarication .To the very end,he remained true to the values and ethos of Pan-Africanism. He was indeed a rare breed of patriotic journalist,added the Minister.

Mr Tutani’s career spans four decades,beginning in 1981.

Throughout the period,he distinguished himself as a meticulous proofreader,who later evolved into a columnist of note.

Before joining AMH,where he ended up,he had worked for Zimpapers for two decades and later for ANZ.