Kobudo champ holds first ever grading exercise in the country

By Zbc Reporter
The Zimbabwe ambassador for Kobudo Shidoshi Wilfred Mashayi held the first ever grading exercise or technical examination in the discipline of kobudo at the weekend. The martial arts sport of Kobudo is growing in popularity since Masahaya pioneered it after his successful trip to Russia for the International Kobudo Competition and Samurai Show in 2016 where he won silver and bronze medals as a debutant.
The grading exercise is aimed at developing the sport of Kobudo in Zimbabwe and help in the future selection of a future Zimbabwe Kobudo team.

First sever Zimbabwe Kobudo grading exercise[/captionKobudo involves the use of ancient arts weapons like the sword, tonfa, chuckle sticks , sai, bo, Kama among many others.
Since 2016, Mashaya has been taining and grooming fellow Zimbabweans both male and female including kids with a vision to make a kobudo powerhouse in Africa and beyond.
‘I believe we can do it if we have the support. Zimbabwe definitely has got talent and through hard work and dedication we can achieve more. I have won several different awards around the through my contribution in kobudo and other martial arts style like karate, Ninjitsu, Nunchaku-do and self-defence,’ said Masahaya.
The grading exercise was done at the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Morris Depot Martial Arts Club Gym where Shidoshi Mashaya is the Chief Instructor.
[caption id="attachment_12446" align="alignnone" width="300"] Shidoshi Wilfred Mashaya (in black) & his Kobudo students

The grading exercise was the first and successfully done during a gruelling five hours and incorporated both male and female martial artists and as well as some kids.
The ‘ZimNinja’ as he has become popularly known Mashaya has been facing numerous challenges in the field of of martial arts including sponsorship but the Kobudo specialist is determined to see his dream come to rality and has never stopped training.
‘ I have not stopped training and dreaming big. Do not think when I am quiet am ignoring you , I am very grateful for the support the media in Zimbabwe have given me.
‘ I have opened an academy that helps groom local talent and spread the sport. Giving up is not an option, and I can promise you that with all the effort that I am putting under the Zim Ninja Arts Academy the country will have another side of me and more champions,’ said media -shy Mashaya.
‘I also train self-defence, and the benefits are immense including making people alert and street awareness, self-discipline, improved physical condition, among many others , if you put in the hours you will achieve anything you want,’ says Mashaya.

Kobudo is believed to have originated from the Okinawa people of Japan and involves the use of ancient weapons, although not as popular as other forms of martial arts such as karate and other forms of martial arts, the sport has taken Wilfred Mashaya across the globe.
A seargeant in the ZRP, Mashaya was inspired by the early 1990s by his love for martial arts movies and modelled his life along martial arts and kung-ful hero Bruce Lee and his teachings and training.
His breakthrough came when he was invited to the International Kobudo Competition and Samurai Show in Russia in 2016, where he was the only African and Black contestant. He proved himself against ome of the world’s best winning a silver and bronze medals in nunchaku freestyle and weapon freestyle.

Since then he has been inducted into the Barcelona Martial Arts Hall of fame, in Spain, after being voted the Best Martial Artist for the year 2018, in the World Cup Weapons Forms Martial Arts Competition.
With Zimbabwe now a members of the World Kobudo Associations, Mashaya is now training other Zimbabweans in the sport with the hope that they will excel and put the country and Africa on the on the Kobudo World sporting map.
The countless hours of hard work on the mat and in the gym has seen Mashaya crowned the Zimbabwe and the regional African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Sportsperson of the year in 2019.
Mashaya is today a holder of four internationally certified black belts in different martial arts styles – a fourth Dan Black Belt in self-defence, a dregree Second Dan Black Belt in Kobudo, decond Dan Black belt in Kyokushin, and a First Dan Black Belt in Ninjustu.

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