Karting race season resumes

By ZBC Reporter
THE 2020 karting race season resumed with a bang this Sunday, registering the biggest grid of 17 karts on the track at Donnybrook Raceway in Harare.
Donnybrook Raceway was the venue as the 2020 karting season returned spectacularly with an impressive grid of 17 karts battling for the top spot in their respective categories.
Despite being side-lined by the COVID-19 pandemic for the greater part of the year, the drivers showed no rust.
Mini Rok driver, Michael Mukori and Jordan Watt of Rotax 125 category were duly rewarded for their exploits on the track.
“It feels great to be the winner on day 1. It has been a tight race but I managed to push until the last lap. Tribute goes to my father who has been very supportive and encouraged me to win, so I did this one thing for him today,” said Mukori.
“Well I was raring to go and I won. I am delighted by this but let me hasten to say I want to always aim high and be a top racing driver. It had been a tough season as we were side-lined by Covid-19 but due to hard work, here I am,” said Watt.
The resumption of the racing season was punctuated by three cadets aged between six and eight years, a sign that the motocross industry is on a growth trajectory.
“I can safely say karting racing is moving in the right direction, the trajectory of growth has been amazing over the years and this time around, what I am seeing here is overwhelming we haven’t experienced this biggest turn-out in such a long time,” said Alan Mukandiona, Sables Karting Club Chairman.
“The sport has been seen as a minority one but now even us blacks we are part of it which shows that there’s no racial discrimination as we work together with the whites,” he said.
2019 Overall Mini Rok champion, Bradley Steyn came second to Mukori, while the Rotax125 defending champion Ryan Mukandiona was relegated to third on the first meet race.
The karting race saw 8 Rotax125 drivers challenging for the crown while 7 eyed the Mini Rok title with 3 cadets coming on board.