Karate team trip to SA cancelled

By Anashe Murombedzi

The world of sport is feeling the heat in the wake of the new Covid-19 variant which was detected in South Africa.

This comes after the Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) called off the Kyokushin tournament which was scheduled to take place in South Africa where the Omicron variant was detected.

The karatekas were preparing under the watchful eye of Tawanda Mufundisi and were hungry and geared up for the tournament.

ZKU president Steve Charandura confirmed the latest development.

“Our team had prepared so well they had worked so hard we were not expecting anything less than five gold medals from the that was supposed to go to South Africa, but the health of our team comes first.

“We have considered the proclamation of the president on the containment measure of the Covid variant so that’s came to a decision and conclusion that the team will not go, there’s always another chance when the situation on the ground permits,” he said.

Focus has now shifted to a local junior’s tournament scheduled for the 11th of this month to ensure the youngsters are active and geared up for future engagements.

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