Kamambo turns tables against Chiyangwa

By ZBC Reporter

THE trial of ZIFA President, Felton Kamambo continued with a dramatic turn of events this Wednesday as the tables turned against the complainant Philip Chiyangwa.

Kamambo who is being charged for allegedly offering bribes to prospective voters in the 2018 ZIFA presidential elections was back in court this Wednesday.

During cross-examination, Kamambo’s Defence Counsel pointed fingers at Chiyangwa, accusing him of also bribing prospective voters in the 2018 ZIFA presidential polls.

However, Chiyangwa denied the allegations, saying there is no evidence placed before the court that incriminates him.

Chiyangwa challenged anyone with incriminating evidence to present it while insisting that Kamambo violated ZIFA statutes by offering inducements during the election process.

The defence team denies the allegations arguing that Kamambo did not violate any ZIFA statutes by paying allowances to members of the Electoral College for them to attend crucial meetings.

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