Schools open for 2021 first term

By ZBC Reporter
SCHOOLS reopened today after they were closed in December last year in a bid to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is back to school for examination classes which opened for the term this Monday.

Schools in Harare exhibited strict adherence to the COVID-19 precautionary measures with students at George Stark and Mbare high schools in Harare, being sanitized before entering classrooms.

They highlighted their willingness to adjust to the new normal since they know the threats posed by COVID-19, and are excited about being back at school.

“We are so excited about being at school after a very long holiday. We are looking forward to having a fruitful term since we are now preparing for exams,” they said.

Another visit to Chitsere and Havard primary schools also indicated compliance to COVID-19 preventative measures which include wearing masks and social distancing in classrooms.

Educationist Mrs Loice Magweba underscores the importance of safeguarding the lives of students and teachers in the wake of Covid-19.

“We are doing all we can to ensure that our pupils and teachers are safe. We fumigate our classes after lessons, we have a foot-washing site and we have a nurse responsible for temperature checks at the gate,” she said.

By six am, most school gates in Gwanda had already opened to welcome back learners who are sitting for public examinations this year.

As expected, the passport to enter the various learning facilities under the new normal included temperature checks and face masks which did very little to dampen the spirits of the excited learners.

“We are really excited about being back at school and it is our hope that we will be able to catch up so that come exam time we are ready.

“We have been studying at home, while some of us were doing private lessons so I believe if we don’t go on lockdown again there is a strong chance that we will pass our exams,” said others,” they said.

Rural schools have also not been left out with parents working with school authorities to ensure that the necessary Covid-19 preventative measures are in place.

It was a first-term with a difference in Gweru as the phased re-opening of schools began with a limited number of students.

The limited numbers did not dampen the spirits of the students with most of them excited to just wear the school uniform and head back to familiar territory.

Armed with a return to school symptoms and exposure checklist, the students had no choice but to go through the necessary verification process.

The teachers did not disappoint as they turned up for what will be a critical year for these examination classes.

Their presence was also a seal of approval to the ongoing negotiations between their representative body, the APEX council and government through the National Joint Negotiation Council.

The opening of school gates was also an opportunity for some parents who could not secure form one places for their children through online platforms to try their luck.

While most learners were already engaging their teachers through online learning, the opening of schools will be an added advantage to most learners who were constrained by the requirements that come with the digital age.

Non-examination classes are expected to resume studies next Monday.