Foreign Affairs confirms missing Zimbabwean was killed in Palma, Mozambique

By ZBC Reporter

Reports emerging from Mozambique confirm the death of Nyasha Mugwagwa a Zimbabwean who was working in Palma which is currently under threat from terrorists.

In a statement the Secretary Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ambassador James Manzou confirmed the incident as accounted by an eye witness.

Emerging eyewitness accounts are confirming that Mr Nyasha Mugwagwa a Zimbabwean that worked in Mozambique was among the twelve that were killed in Palma by insurgents.The twelve have since been buried by local authorities as their bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.Under such conditions,pathological expertise is required to identify the bodies ,he said.

On the 8th of April 2021 the ministry had issued a statement to the effect that the now late was missing and yet to be accounted for.

The negative development saw the Government of Zimbabwe working hand in glove with that of Mozambique so as to account for Zimbabweans in that country.

In that regard Ambassador Manzou has thus advised all those with missing relatives in Mozambique to contact the ministry’s offices for assistance.

I would like to take this opportunity to advise all those whose beloved ones are missing to get in touch with the ministry on +263 -242 794681 -5 or 727005,added Mr Manzou.