Government reverts to 2015 examination fees

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has with immediate effect reverted to the 2015 examination fees and cancelled the recently announced new 2020 examination fees. This was announced by Primary and Secondary Education Minister Ambassador Cain Mathema in a statement released this Wednesday morning.
Ambassador Mathema said following publication of the 2020 public examination fees, it has been found necessary to carry out further consultations. He said new fees will be announced after further consultations with various stakeholders.
“While the examination fees that were published are based on the actual cost of each examination, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to inform parents and guardians that following further representations, the recently released circular on the 2020 examination fees has been cancelled with immediate effect,” read the statement.
“New fees will be announced after further consultations have been made with all the relevant stakeholders. Parents and guardians are therefore advised to continue paying the old fees approved in 2015. Please be advised that the deadlines for examination fees payment remain the same,” Min Mathema said.
The examination fees that were increased to $190 from $15 for Ordinary Level candidates and $351 from $26 for Advanced Level candidates were beyond the reach of many and there was outrage over the decision. The $190 for O’ Level was applying to both public and private candidates and to A’ Level fees.
Foreign candidates were required to fork $443 to register for an O’ Level subject while the amendment fees for a subject at O’ Level was now pegged at $89. An addition of a new subject would have cost $228.