Beitbridge Covid-19 Suspected case under investigation

By Sifiso Sibanda
Health ministry officials in Beitbridge say the person suspected to be having coronavirus who is isolated at Beitbridge hospital is stable and tests are underway. The Malawi national who crossed the border from South Africa this Wednesday was found to be having symptoms of coronavirus and was isolated at Beitbridge hospital pending investigations and outcome of tests.
This Thursday morning, District Medical Officer for Beitbridge, Dr Linos Samhere confirmed that blood samples will today be sent to Harare for tests to verify whether the suspect is infected with the virus. He said that results are expected in the next 24 hours.
“Yes the patient is stable and this morning we are sending blood samples to Harare for tests and once that is done we will be able to tell the nation the outcome,” he said.
The border town remains alert on the pandemic and people are encouraged to follow World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations of hygienic conditions at all times and to avoid crowding while suspected cases must be isolated and tested.
Government has outlawed gatherings and gone a step further to cancel this year’s Uhuru commemorations as well as the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair ZITF 2020 to suppress possible outbreaks in the country. Zimbabwe has not recorded a confirmed coronavirus case.