Junior doctors in Bulawayo part ways with ZHDA

By ZBC Reporter
JUNIOR doctors in Bulawayo have broken ranks with the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, whose interests they say are not about serving the nation. Coming together under the banner of the Zimbabwe Progressive Doctors Association (PDAZ), the physicians have taken a stance to ensure that even when they are incapacitated, they continue negotiating with their employer while at work in line with their oath of service.
“We do not believe in leaving patients alone. We want to continue working and that is why all of us are back at work. We do not believe in the manner in which the ZHDA operates,” said the association’s Spokesperson Dr Anesu Rangwani.
Zimbabwe Progressive Doctors Association Chairlady for Mpilo and United Bulawayo Hospitals, Dr Thembela Ndlovu said they also appreciate that the people’s interests are important especially in times of need.
“Most of the people who need health care are actually our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We will not neglect them and where we have issues we will discuss them with our employer while we continue working,” Dr Ndlovu said
Last year’s strike by the doctors under the ZHDA was widely condemned as the association rebuffed efforts by the government to address their grievances.

THE PDAZ was formed in December last year following an impasse between the government and doctors in the country which had led to the health professionals embarking on an industrial action for months. The junior doctors formed a new representative body with the objective of serving patients while negotiations for better working conditions are underway.
Until then, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) had been the sole union representing junior doctors.