Junior Cabinet interacts with leaders

By ZBC Reporter

The Junior Cabinet of the 27th Session of Junior Parliament this Friday interacted with the senior Cabinet led by His Excellency, President Emmerson Mnangagwa under the theme: ‘Protecting and Providing for Children, Assuring and Ensuring the Future”.

The Junior cabinet led by His Excellency Junior President Mukudzeiishe Madzivire commended the senior cabinet for walking the talk on socio-economic development matters which has seen the country turning around the corner since the coming in of the new dispensation.

“The Leadership that you have shown since coming to power your Excellency is of unquestionable integrity and as members of the Junior cabinet we would like to emulate your hard work that is paying dividends to the country,” he said.

The Junior Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Honourable Kuziva George Maponga encouraged his senior counterpart to continue prioritising funding to the marginalised communities especially for Children as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“We commend efforts by government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic development on their programmes that are pro poor both in urban and rural communities all meant to spearhead socio economic development,” he said.

The Junior Minister of Women Affairs, Community, Small to Medium Enterprises Development, Honourable Vongai Munotengwa said the continued empowerment of the girl child will benefit generations to come and that she is happy with attention government is paying to this particular group.

“We are optimistic that  programmes aimed  at empowering women are being given due diligence that they deserve and as a country we will reap huge benefits from that,” she said.

Several Junior cabinet ministers also gave commendable remarks regarding their Portfolios, that include enhanced access to education, increased access to health services and child safety especially in the COVID-19 era as well as implementation and alignment of laws.