Julius Malema is offside on Zim land issue : ZANU PF Youth League

By ZBC Reporter
THE ZANU-PF Youth League says the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema is struggling for significance in his native South Africa and he cannot authoritatively comment on Zimbabwean issues.
In a statement, ZANU-PF Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Tendai Chirau said Zimbabwe is a sovereign state with a democratically elected government under the leadership of His Excellency Cde ED Mnangagwa and will not brook any interference from puppets and their handlers.
“By our standards, Mr. Malema is a puny, absolute political nonentity whose nostalgia for his wasted glory days with the ANC has pushed him into bed with the equally disgraced G40 clique of charlatans, whose narcissistic penchant for publicity is well documented. It is no secret that he is the latest, albeit ill-chosen, front for the furtherance of the self-exiled cabal’s counter-revolutionary pursuits.
“Malema’s continued senseless attacks on the Zimbabwean government and ZANU-PF, and the threats to close the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa only confirm his ill-advised futile objective of undermining the strong and healthy diplomatic relations between Zimbabwe and her sovereign neighbour, South Africa, and the binding revolutionary ties, sealed with the blood of patriots, between ZANU-PF and the ANC,” he said.
Cde Chirau said ZANU-PF has been at the heart of Zimbabwean lives.
“By waging a bitter and protracted liberation struggle, wherein patriot cadres made the capital sacrifice, losing precious lives and limbs in the process, the revolutionary party proved its fullest commitment to Zimbabwean lives. Under the current Second Republic, captained by the shrewd Cde ED Mnangagwa, the ZANU-PF led administration has embarked on various pro-people economic policies, such as Vision 2030, which are steadily yielding fruit. In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Government continues to leave no stone unturned, even amidst adversity, to ensure that Zimbabwean lives are safeguarded.
“If Malema is truly more concerned about Zimbabwean lives than the Zimbabwean government, as he would have his gullible audience believe, then he should be at the forefront in defending them from the poisonous culture of targeted xenophobia endemic in his own country. He should be organising his noisy demonstrations to that end. That is precisely where his energies are more relevant,” he said.
Cde Chirau made clear to Malema that as a self-determining sovereign state, Zimbabwe does not seek his illiterate approval for policy decisions of national consequence.
”His ill-considered groundless attack on the government’s programme to compensate former white commercial farmers for improvements made on farms prior to the land reform programme not only exposes his lack of historical knowledge on Zimbabwean and regional geopolitics but also betrays his intellectual childishness in the art of statecraft, the “politician” that he claims to be,” he explained.
Cde Chirau said Julius Malema is a known insufferable political flip-flopper unfaithful even to himself.
“On various occasions, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma alternated with an astonishing frequency between being his revered heroes and his sworn enemies. This is, however, hardly surprising from a man who once claimed that he “…would never form a political party to contest the ANC…” even if he got fired. The leopard and his spots.
“Mr. Malema should know that the land issue still remains at the crux of Zimbabwean politics, being the reason why so many of her sons and daughters took up arms to dislodge colonialism and imperialism. It was not a war informed by racism, but by the ideal of egalitarianism where every life in the new Zimbabwe, white, black mattered, as it still does today.
“The successful prosecution of this struggle was without any aid of lectures, hubbub or hullabaloo from Mr. Malema and his handlers. In fact, the enduring struggle has seen our President, Cde ED Mnangagwa, as a youthful stalwart cadre, as a senior party functionary and later as a government official, participating in every phase of decolonization to make sure indigenes got empowered through land repossession. We will not allow him and his administration to be vilified by a fly-by-night political opportunist whose only claim to an ideology so far is being able to sing in the most uncouth tones for the highest bidder,” he said.
Malema has recently been commenting on the government’s position to compensate former white farmers for improvemnts on farms saying it is a betrayal of the liberation struggle and founding principles of decolonisation.
The Zimbabwean government’s multi-tier partnership to compensate the former white farmers fulfils requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe Chapter 16, Section 295 Subsection 3, as read with Section 72 Subsection 3(a), which obligates the state to pay compensation for improvements that were on land when such land was acquired.
“The Zimbabwean constitution is – as a matter of principle – colour blind, and equally so is the government under Cde ED Mnangagwa. The land reform programme, which saw in excess of 400 000 families benefitting from land, was instituted to correct a grievous historical imbalance in land tenure, not to settle racist scores. It was to improve Zimbabwean lives, and that means white, black or any colour Zimbabwean in identity.
“The compensation agreement, therefore, does not in any way, seek to reverse the gains of either the land reform programme or the liberation struggle. If anything, it consolidates our inclusive Zimbabwean claim as the rightful owners of the means of production.
“As ZANU-PF Youth League, we are doubly aware that Julius Malema has, pitifully, become the newest pawn in the G40 cabal’s futile anti-revolutionary shenanigans and proxy war to destabilize our peaceful nation and endanger Zimbabwean lives. He has joined the bandwagon of hired gongs recruited to make noise on behalf of the spineless and intellectually bereft Zimbabwean political opposition, whose habit of impressing their sponsors by manufacturing chaos whenever we approach international gatherings has grown sickeningly predictable,” said Chirau.
The 40th SADC Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government will be held virtually from 10th to 17th August 2020, and the Zanu pf youth league says it has observed that it is clear that the hashtags, demos and shameless appeals for celebrity endorsement are all part of a broad sponsored agenda-setting gimmick, calculated to smuggle their warped dreams of a neo-colonial Zimbabwe onto the agenda.

”However, their project remains doomed, as we will stay united as Zimbabweans, unfaltering in our resolve to ensure that all regime change forces and their local mercenaries are defeated, because to us, Zimbabwean lives matter,” he said.