Journalism fraternity bids farewell to Gudhlangah

By ZBC Reporter
THE late former ZBC radio and television presenter, Tawanda Gudhlangah who succumbed to Covid-19 this Wednesday has been buried at Zororo cemetery in Chitungwiza.
What is left are only memories after a giant in the media fraternity, Tawanda Gudhlangah was laid to rest this Friday afternoon.
It was indeed a sombre atmosphere at Zororo memorial park as journalists and other mourners watched the burial proceedings from afar in compliance with COVID-19 protocols, with the sounding of Pastor Charles Charamba’s Tichasangana song all but a reminder that we shall all depart this earthily home.
The late Gudhlangah will be remembered for striving to set the journalism bar high.
Tawanda is gone and it is yet another COVID-19 blow that the media industry has to contend with, given that journalists are part of front-liners in the fight against this pandemic.

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