Johane Masowe sect still in pursuit of ‘miracle working stick’

By Kenias Chivuzhe

THE Johane Masowe Apostolic sect is still in pursuit of a miracle working stick, a garment and a book allegedly taken from the church founder by British colonialists in 1933, in what was believed to be an attempt to weaken the religious leader.

Kenias Chivhuzhe explores the mystery around the late Johane Masowe’s tools of trade and the church’s tradition of celebrating Christmas in October.

The story of a singing stick, garment and book that were so dear to the founder of the Gospel of God Church International 1932 Baba Johane Masowe sounds like a fairy-tale.

However, church leaders attest to the powers of the sacred tools of trade that were taken by the colonialists in 1933.

“The rod, garment and the book belonging to Baba Johane had Godly powers in them, with his rod known for singing. The British thought if they took his items, they would have taken all his powers but that did not happen but rather his power remained. The items are believed to be housed at the Royal Museum in Britain,” said the church’s Vice-chairperson Evangelist Francis Nedewedzo.

“They did know that his power to heal, to spread the word of God and other miracles using the stick and garment will remain with him,” added a member of the church.

With the objects being at the core of their belief and spirituality, efforts are being made to push for their return home in compliance with Baba Johane’s directive.

“Sister Sarah went to Great Britain doing a follow up on the items that include a stick, garment and a book belonging to Baba Johane that were taken by the British on 26 October 1933. He instructed that we should go there and pray so that these items are returned back. The items are yet to return but it is the owner of the items’ wishes that they should be returned back,” added Nedewedzo.

In contrast to other Christian denominations, the apostolic sect celebrates Christmas in October and not the usual 25th of December.

“Baba Johanne was born on one October 1914. If we analyse the history of the Jews, it is clear that Jesus was born in October. This is found in the legends of Jews books. Jesus was not born on 25 December but he was born on the 1st of October. Numbers also alludes to that. October is the month that celebrates the lives of worshippers. Baba Johane also started his Church on 1 October 1932,” explained an elder of the church.

While some might have views to the contrary on how things should be done members of the Johane Masowe apostolic sect are not moved. Theirs is a conviction that traces its roots to the Founding father of the church.