11-yr-old singer hails dad for penning cultural book

By ZBC Reporter

11-YEAR-OLD singer Jesina Chikutu has hailed her father Luckson Chikutu for coming up with a book that reminds people about Zimbabwean culture.

Jesina who is part of Chikutu’s band, The Zimbabwe Traditional Unity, said there is a need for people to keep on documenting the culture of Zimbabwe for future generations.

“My father’s book, Flashback Identity, has managed to capture several aspects of the Zimbabwean culture which is good for us the coming generations because we will learn and know more about the culture,” she said.

She said despite the book capturing most the issues on culture it had a detailed encounter of his father’s life.

“The book has a detailed account of my father’s life, how he survived a car accident and his experience with traditional music. That will not be useful to the family only but the rest of Zimbabweans especially those who want to take the traditional route. I am happy that the distribution of the book is doing well,” she said.

Jesina said it is important to note that there was a chapter in the book that has a comprehensive chapter of the history of the country.

“There is a chapter that talks about the history of Zimbabwe. That is important because it gives the readers especially future generations to understand the country’s history,” she said.

Jesina recorded her first song titled “Good Boy” that featured on her father’s sixth album.

“That was the beginning of my journey and when my father recovered he then asked me to be part of the band. My plans are to release my own music in both English and Shona,” she added.

Though she is more interested in horse riding, she said her father did well in nurturing her singing talent hoping that it will take her far.

“I love horse riding at school Staller Academy in Uppsala, I have a horse called Cent but I have seen that singing would make me understand Zimbabwean culture more. My hope is that one day I become a very big name being a cultural ambassador like my father,” she added.