Issuance of vehicle number plates slightly improves following minister’s visit

By Wellington Makonese

THE process of acquiring vehicle number plates at the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) has slightly improved, with some motorists having been served over the past few days.

Steady progress is being made in the acquiring of vehicle number plates, a day after the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development read the riot act on CVR staff for their lethargic work ethic which has resulted in a huge backlog.

While some were able to collect their number plates after braving the long queues, others feel the procedure is unnecessarily long, with confusion seemingly reigning supreme in the CVR offices where a huge number of people will be jostling to be attended to.

“I applied for mine last year in September. This is for my first vehicle and I just came today and have managed to collect,” a motorist said.

Another noted: “I applied two days ago and was told to come back today, but I’m still to get my chance. The challenge is to get mine.”

“I have been waiting here for hours and I’m still to see anything happening. No one has come to assist,” added another.

Some suggested that the process to acquire registration plates should start at ports of entry.

“We are having this challenge of our vehicles being impounded yet we paid for plates we are not getting. Fair to say that plates for new vehicles should be issued at the ports of entry,” said another motorist.

“It’s a plausible move to have unregistered vehicles being impounded but more importantly the system should be clearer because we might end up thinking the plates are not there,” said another.

Government has made strides in procuring number plates and insists there are enough to cover the backlog, with compilation of figures for those who have been served this week underway after the process was decentralised to ZIMRA and ZIMPOST offices across the country.