Is November really sacred?

By Abigirl Tembo

Using the Lunar calendar, we are now in November a month regarded as sacred in the African tradition religion where any ceremony conducted during this month will be rendered a nullity.

Using the Gregorian calendar, we are in October but according to the Lunar calendar which is based on the moon, we are already in November, a month which according to a traditional healer, Mbuya Shumba is sacred, hence no ceremony should be held in this month as the ancestors won’t be available to intermediate.

“The ancestors won’t be available during this time as they will be interceding and mediating on all the problems we would have told them throughout the year so no marriage should take place as there would be no one to bless the union that’s why you find out that most marriages which take place in November end in divorce).

However, Christians and Muslims view November as just like any other month of the year.

Madzibaba Enoch of the Johanne Masowe Yechishanu Yenyenyedzi Nomwe apostolic sect commented: “There is nothing special about November we actually conduct weddings during this month to us it is just like any other month.”

“In the Muslim religion we only consider the month of Ramadan as sacred but we still conduct ceremonies during the time of the month. We will just be fasting and praying. So, November to us is just like any other month, Muslim Sheik Abdullah Adini said.

But what do people on the streets think about the month of November?

“We grew up being told that it’s a sacred month so we abide by that,” one man said.

Another said: “These are just old people stories there is really nothing special about November.”

“Mmmm I wouldn’t dare wed in November, I don’t want to tempt fate,” said a lady.

For wedding planners, it is a bad business month.

Wedding planner Lorraine Mukandapi said: “Business is really bad in November, you rarely get any weddings maybe one or two brave ones but it is a bad month in our line of business.”

According to the lunar calendar, the traditional month of November will be ending on the 15th of November so until then, what you do depends on your beliefs.

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