Iranian ambassador calls for enhanced cooperation with Zimbabwean media

By Collette Musanyera

THE Iranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Abbas Navazani says his government is looking at ways of improving corporation with the media in Zimbabwe.

This was revealed during his meeting with the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa in Harare this Wednesday.

“Iran and Zimbabwe are both under US sanctions and this is the time where our brotherly relations should be strengthened especially in media. Iran has progressive technology in broadcasting and we are ready to cooperate with the ministry of information and ZBC. We should revive this cooperation and also in the near future, we will be having a joint commission in Iran,” said Ambassador Navazani.

Senator Mutsvangwa highlighted the importance of media exchange programmes between the two countries.

“We are excited because Iran is one of the countries that has suffered with us. As the ministry of Information, we have a mandate to inform, educate entertain, and we have been talking about how we can deepen our relations and find strategic areas co-operation so that we can benefit from what Iran has done especially in terms of equipment. We want to make sure that no-one and no place is left behind in as far as information dissemination is concerned. ZBC and New ZIANA have MOUs signed a long time ago and it’s high time we review those MOUs,” she said.

The Second Republic continues with the engagement and re-engagement agenda which has attracted massive investment across all sectors of the economy.