Iran dismisses US claims over Ukraine plane crash

Iran has dismissed suggestions that one of its missiles brought down a Ukrainian passenger jet near the capital, Tehran, this Wednesday.
In a statement Iran’s civil aviation chief Ali Abedzadeh said it is still not clear what caused a Ukrainian airliner to crash shortly after take-off from Tehran airport on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board.
The Aviation chief added that they would prefer to download the black boxes in Iran, but are not ruling out asking other countries for help in the event the data was damaged.
Canada, which lost 63 citizens in the crash says the plane was brought down by an Iranian missile, probably by mistake.
Iran, which has denied the Boeing 737-800 was downed by a missile, blamed the narrative on American politicians and said it could take one or two months to extract information from the voice and flight data recorders.
Tehran also said the entire probe might take one or two years.
Ukraine said it could not rule out a missile strike but had not confirmed it.
The Ukraine International Airlines flight to Kiev from Tehran crashed during a period that Iran was on alert for a United States military response hours after firing missiles at U.S. targets in Iraq.
Al Jazeera