IOC confirms revised qualification processes for Tokyo 2020 finalised

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed the revised qualification processes for each sport have been finalised ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

An IOC Qualification Task Force, comprised of Robin Mitchell, Nenad Lalovic and Kirsty Coventry, established qualification-system principles earlier this year.

In its principles, the IOC said the qualification period would end on June 29 in 2021.

The date is exactly a week before the final entry deadline of July 5, 18 days before the postponed Olympic Games are due to open on July 23 next year.

The IOC said it had been working closely with all International Federations (IFs) to determine the necessary adaptations to the Olympic qualification systems for their respective sports.

National Olympic Committees and athletes were also consulted as part of the review process.

Several IFs made adjustments to extended periods for athletes to obtain minimum criteria and clarify of the process for the reallocation of any unused athlete places.

IFs also clarified the use of specific events in line with their adapted calendars for 2021.

The IOC said athletics, weightlifting, basketball and judo were among sports to have made major adjustments to their qualification system, as well as the cycling disciplines of BMX Freestyle, BMX racing and mountain bike.

Badminton, rowing, swimming, skateboarding, taekwondo and wrestling made minor adjustments.

The remaining sports on the Tokyo 2020 programme extended qualification periods to fit with the new dates of the Games.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics mascots

Qualification had already been completed for road and track cycling, the equestrian events, hockey and softball.

A total of 57 per cent of all the qualification places had been confirmed by the time the Games were postponed.

Boxing’s age requirements at the Games have been adjusted and increased by one year, the IOC said.

Boxers must have been born between January 1 in 1980 and December 31 in 2002 to be able to take part in the Games.

It was also confirmed that football players who were entitled to compete in July 2020 will remain eligible in July 2021.

The maximum age for the men’s event was 23, but for Tokyo 2020 this will be 24.

Three overage players can also be in a squad.

The IOC added that dates and locations for all qualification event are still to be determined, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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