Invest in crop diversification to ensure food security

By ZBC Reporter
THE Department of Extension Services in the Ministry of Land, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement has called on farmers to invest in crop diversification as an instrument to fight hunger and poverty and ensure food security.
The department is urging farmers to invest in various types of drought-resistant crops to cope with drought.
In an interview with ZBCNews this Tuesday, The Principal Extension Specialist in the Ministry of Land, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Chipo Zishiri pointed out that the country is facing climate change and emphasised the need to diversify and stagger planting to ensure better yields.
“We are having frequent dry spells due to climate change variability. We encourage our farmers to plant different types of crops and at different stages. If one crop fails, farmers will have something to harvest.
Cowpeas, Rapoko, maize, groundnuts are among crops that every farmer must plant. We have our Matopos institution which is developing seed for traditional grain to increase yields. If farmers implement all the strategies, no one will die of hunger.
Food security at the household level is of paramount importance as it reduces the burden of importing food, thereby preserving the much needed reducing foreign currency