Inhalation of tobacco smoke for non-smokers, a health risk

By Memory Chamisa

EXPOSURE to second-hand tobacco smoke also known as passive smoking has become a major source of worry with research showing that non-smokers are more at risk.

We often hear this on advertisements for tobacco brands but no warning is made to non-smokers.

Passive smoking, the inhalation of tobacco smoke by persons other than the intended active smoker is a major source of discomfort especially when there are so many explanations on the health risk.

“For me, it actually gets on my nerves cause I’m not a smoker but someone is selfish to do it in public. There must be a prohibitive law to smoke in public as we end up smelling the dreadful stench of a cigarette.”

The health risks of passive smoking are a matter of medical consensus.

“Non-smokers have affected especially pregnant women and those asthmatic as they the amount of chemicals is higher in secondhand smoke than in the smoke inhaled by the smoker,” said Dr Leslie.

Some workplaces, indoor public places, including restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as well as some open public spaces have put up restriction signs on smoking, but the question is whether