Inguquko White Star Dance Group, memorable Zimbabwean welcome

By Tichaona Kurewa

As the country continues to celebrate Culture Month this May, spotlight is cast on Inguquko White Star Traditional Dance Ensemble, a prominent dance group in Victoria Falls which entertains tourists in the resort city.

A visit to Victoria Falls without an encounter with Inguquko White Star Traditional Dance Ensemble leaves you with a void as the group has become part and parcel of the tourism package in the resort City.

Established in 2017, Inguquko White Star Traditional Dance Ensemble is a versatile group whose use of the Shona language is as good as their Ndebele, hence theirs is a truly memorable Zimbabwean welcome.

Their African traditional attire potrays the idea behind the formation of the group.

“The group was formed in 2017 and it has thirteen members. Of these, 10 are males and three are females. We sing both Shona and Ndebele traditional songs. Our outfit resembles that which was worn historically by Zulu Warriors. This type of dance is not limited to the urban set up, even in the villages people can dance celebrating,” said Clever Mathe Inguquko White Star member.

For them the entertainment business is not a hobby but a well-paying profession.

“Sometimes we can raise about US$50 to US$60 per day. There are three groups that perform here, so we perform here every two days,” he said.

“I managed to send my siblings to school and to take care of my grandmother who is in Bulawayo, so far so good,” said another group member, Theresa Tshuma.

The traditional dance group is also eyeing international tours.

“We wish to continue forging ahead with our dances and ensure that the lives of the members improve and move away from various social ills. We also wish to perform outside the country even in the United Kingdom and other places out there,” said Mathe.

Apart from the rain forest entrance, traditional dance groups in Victoria Falls also showcase their talent at sites which include the Victoria Falls International Airport, major hotel entrances and cruise boat docking sites.