Information Ministry takes Covid-19 fight to Chimanimani, Chipinge

By Tamuka Charakupa

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services has urged members of the public to continue adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations, amid threats of an outbreak of a second wave of the pandemic.

Increasing COVID-19 cases should serve as a reminder that the pandemic is not yet over.

However, there has been a worrying trend of complacency among Zimbabweans, some of whom are crowding in bars in disregard of social distancing requirements, while the majority are no longer wearing face masks.

“Indeed, the majority are no longer wearing masks thus more has to be done to ensure compliance or else we will be hit again probably with a higher margin than we have currently.”

“We are grateful that these awareness campaigns are reaching this area because the local community has forgotten that Covid-19 is still with us.”

Complacence has been blamed for a rise in local COVID-19 transmission cases, hence the partnership between the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and other stakeholders to take the COVID-19 awareness message even to border town communities.

Speaking in Chimanimani this Saturday, Director Content Development in the ministry Mr Tarzen Mandizvidza and Perch Media Director Mr Collen Magobeya noted how the outreach programme has been a successful tool in disseminating COVID-19 information.

“As a ministry, we have partnered IOM and Perch media to take this message to all communities having realised that the majority are no longer adhering to COVID-19 precautionary regulations put in place by the government. We are targeting the hard to reach border communities emphasising that people should always be wearing their face masks properly and also observing the social distancing requirements,” said Mr Mandizvidza.

“We are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and very soon we will be commemorating the 16 days of activism against GBV as such we should all play our part in mitigating these two intertwined issues, Mr Magobeya said.

The government remains alert and has warned that a second wave of the pandemic can be more devastating if citizens are not vigilant.

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