Information dissemination central to development: Minister Mutsvangwa

By ZBC Reporter

The need to promote information dissemination as an anchor to national development took centre stage at the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services strategic meeting in Nyanga this Wednesday.

The demands and dynamics of the new information age call for prioritisation of information dissemination as the nerve centre of development.

It is against this background that the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services held a strategic planning review meeting in Nyanga this Wednesday.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Senator Monica Mutsvangwa who addressed heads of departments and parastatals under her ministry this Wednesday, stressed the importance of the information sector in the attainment of vision 2030.

“The centrality of information to the development of Zimbabwe cannot be glossed over. My ministry and its agencies constitute the hub and nerve centre of the country’s information and media sector, which is critical for national development. Given the centrality of the mandate of the ministry to national development it is critical for us to review what we have achieved as well as strength the gains made so far. As you work on the plans, bear in mind that some of the key missions of our strategies is for Zimbabwe is to mobilise a national participation, achieve improved international relations and to energize improved diaspora participation in national development,” Senator Mutsvangwa said.

Senator Mutsvangwa noted that the country’s digitalisation programme is behind schedule, hence the need for more support to bring it to its logical conclusion.

“The ministry will continue to plead with Treasury for funding of the digitalisation project to ensure that Zimbabwe enjoy the fruits of digitalisation. The programme was expected to have been completed in 2017. The availability of set-top boxes remains a serious challenge for the uptake of digital services. I encourage the business community to explore this business opportunity to supply set-top boxes to the millions of Zimbabweans who would want to enjoy these upcoming new television stations.”

Deputy Minister Kindness Paradza spoke on the strides made in upholding and promoting national interests through information dissemination.

“We are pleased to note that our 2022 targets of improving cooperate governance, increasing publicity for national mobilisation and improving media environment are forward looking. This resonates very well with second republic’s drive to be an upper middle-income economy in 9 years and our vision to be a real time disseminator of Zimbabwean information locally and globally, supporting vision 2030,” he said.

The second republic has licenced 6 new television stations, 14 community radio stations and 7 campus radio stations.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ms Adelaide Chikunguru appealed to government for assistance to help the national broadcaster clear its legacy debts.

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