Information a key enabler to the attainment of Vision 2030, Dr Energy Mutodi

By ZBC Reporter
INFORMATION is one of the greatest enablers in the attainment of the country’s vision of becoming an upper-middle-class economy by 2030, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services has said.
Giving closing remarks at the three-day Integrated Results-Based Management for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Workshop for 2020, Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Dr Energy Mutodi said the ministry is committed to creating an enabling media environment where there is dissemination of information that upholds and promotes Zimbabwe’s founding values and interests globally so as to ensure vision 2030 is achieved.
“Information is thus one of the greatest enablers if the country is to attain vision 2030. It is thus fitting that the Ministry’s vision is to be: “A real-time disseminator of Zimbabwean Information, locally and globally, supporting the national vision to be an upper-middle-income economy by 2030”.
Our mission is “Moulding lasting national consciousness that defends, upholds and promotes Zimbabwe’s founding values, identity, and its interests worldwide”
This will be achieved through a modern, diverse and participatory information and communication industry accessible to the world using the business practices and technological means.
The Ministry Strategic meeting also sought to come up with improved media reforms.

“The Ministry Strategic plan also seeks to create an enabling media environment by adopting best practices in regulating and facilitating the media sector as well as putting in place state of the art infrastructure for effective national communication.
To this end, the media reforms that we have been seized with come to mind and I am happy that a lot was achieved in 2019.
“With regard to infrastructure development, we should think outside the box so that we conclude the Zimbabwe Digitalisation project which so far is way behind schedule owing to inadequate funding and difficult economic and financial environment,” said Dr Mutodi.
The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services’s key Result Areas issued with the Ministry’s mandate are: Information and Publicity; Media Regulation and Corporate Governance.
“It is only fitting that the Ministry outcomes are: Increased Publicity; An Enabling Media Environment; and Improved Corporate Governance. I have no doubt that the strategic Plan seeks among other deliverables to inform the nation for better decision making by facilitating two-way communication between Government and its people as well as managing the national image and brand internationally for national competitiveness,” he said.