Indonesia pledges assistance to revive of NRZ

By ZBC Reporter
THE government of Indonesia has announced plans to capacitate the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to attract potential investors.
Indonesia Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Zambia, His Excellence Dewa Sastrawan toured the National Railways of Zimbabwe facilities in Mutare during his two-day visit of Manicaland province where he pledged support to the country’s rail sector.
Ambassador Sastrawan told ZBC news this Thursday that there are huge investment prospects in Zimbabwe’s rail sector, adding that his government is also targeting investments in Mutare’s dry port.
“My visit to Mutare today is in line with our cooperation agreement to develop the local transport sector. In 2020 we have technical cooperation programmes that will see NRZ officials being trained under a technical cooperation assistance package. Rail connectivity in Manicaland is strategic for Zimbabwe and the region.
‘We want to make the dry port in Mutare more effective due to increased railway connectivity.
“We are partnering the National Railways of Zimbabwe to make the company viable and attract investors from Indonesia and other countries. Zimbabwe’s freight transportation requirements surpass 8milion tonnes per year,” he said.
National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) Director Operations, Samson Bhuza and Manicaland Provincial Development Coordinator, Edger Seenza commended the government of Indonesia for the frantic efforts to assist the country to revive the rail sector.
“We are looking at the possibility of setting up a plant to manufacture wagons and even supply the region. We require to have about five thousand working wagons. In our inventory, we have about 9 000 wagons but there are 3 500 wagons operational hence there is a gap,” said Bhuza.
“We are happy that Indonesia wants to recapitalise the National Railways of Zimbabwe with Manicaland benefiting most as the eastern gateway to Beira that is now the most preferred route. They want to capacitate NRZ staff and ensure there are adequate wagons as well as construct other rail lines as well as construction a shopping mall in Mutare,” said Seenza.
Zimbabwe and Indonesia have long-standing relations, with the two countries have agreed on industrial development corporation that has resulted in the rail assistance package.