Independent film production house in Binga produce Covid-19 content in Tonga

By Zbc Reporter
An independent film production house in Binga has partnered with the local district hospital and Civil Protection Department to produce content on the Covid-19 pandemic in Tonga.
Joseph Musaka who is leading the initiative says availing information in local languages will help in ensuring communities get adequate knowledge on the pandemic.
‘The biggest issue to consider when tackling a pandemic like Covid-19 is to have an informed community and this can be achieved by relaying accurate and correct information concerning the disease. Because such information forms the basis upon which strategies and mitigation measures are built upon. We have partnered with Binga District Hospital and the civil protection unit to design print material in the local language Tonga. We intend to get this material to reach each and every corner of the district,’ said JosephMusaka, Santa Joy Services an Independent Film Producer.