Increase in food prices, a Russian perspective

THE Russian Federation has expressed its sentiments on world-wide concerns about the current increase
of food prices and its negative impact on the security of the most vulnerable segments of the population.
In a statement, the Ambassador of Russia to Zimbabwe and Malawi, Nikolai Krasilnikov said it is to be noted that the unfavorable situation on the global food market is a side-product of a trend that has been developing over the past years due to the interference of the United States and some other Western countries in the internal affairs of sovereign states in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America through encouragement of conflicts, military interventions, use of unilateral illegal sanctions and restrictive financial and trade measures.
As a result, agricultural production in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq has collapsed. These countries became totally dependent on humanitarian food aid. Some other countries suffer from suffocative sanctions.
To aggravate the situation there is the current disruption of supply chains which is caused neither by underproduction in Russia nor by its unwillingness to continue with exporting relevant products. Russia values its reputation as a reliable partner and supplier and stands ready to meet export obligations.
The difficulties that business operators experience are due to logistical
and financial outcomes of the economic aggression – an unprecedented illegal unilateral sanctions imposed by the West on Russia in violation of international law
and the UN Charter. These sanctions represent not just some targeted restrictions
but a full-scale blockade that will inevitably affect the food security of developing states. For example, it is obvious that the restrictions on transporting Russian
and Belorussian fertilizers will inevitably lead to a serious decline in crops all over
the world. However there are threats to prohibit Russian cargo ships to enter some foreign ports and to cut off Russia completely from the SWIFT system.
Moscow calls on friends and partners not to give in to anti-Russian hysteria driven by the attempts of the Western countries to retain their economic and political dominance. A wide front is urgently required to promote respectful and constructive dialogue
on global issues.