In memory of Julius Nyerere

By Memory Chamisa

AN African liberation icon and Pan-Africanist, the late former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere will always be celebrated across Africa for the role he played in the anti-colonial movement.

The story of the African Liberation struggle will not be complete without mentioning icons such as the late Pan-Africanist and Tanzanian founding father, Julius Nyerere.

Having led from the front as the anti-colonial crusade swept across Africa it is a befitting honour that on the day the liberation icon would have celebrated his 100th birthday, the Southern Africa Research and Documentation Centre hosted panellists who highlighted the icon’s astute philosophies.

Coming as it does before Zimbabwe celebrates its 42nd independence anniversary on the 18th of this month; the young generation has not been left behind and even more impressive is their clear understanding of Pan Africanism whose thrust has shifted to economic emancipation.

“As the younger generation, Mwalimu’s ideologies set the pace for us as he always had a vision of educated youths, united in a quest for development of their countries’ economies. He was a visionary as what he spoke of is what we are witnessing now,” said Raymond Ndlovu.

Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Professor Emmanuel Mbennah paid tribute to Nyerere’s leadership in seeing to it that African countries are united against imperialists.

“Countries from the colonial imperialists have stood together during and past their struggle for independence and all this is because of our father who stood firm for what he believed in and even years later after his death we continue abiding by those nuggets he taught us. This is witnessed in SADC, the AU and when one is under attack as brothers we shield our own from the enemy,” said Ambassador Mbennah.

A former diplomat and Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, who toured some of the liberation struggle camping sites in Tanzania late last year, emphasised the importance of sharing political souls with SADC nations.

“Nyerere saw the future hence his advocacy for a United States of Africa. We continue saluting the lessons he delivered as some of them have manifested, when he saw China as an Ally for Africa, many did not believe in his vision as they thought only Europe and America controlled the economy but now China has become a threat to these oppressors because if its partnership with African countries. Many African countries have become a force to reckon with as they also compete on the world markets with their resources,” said Ambassador Mutsvagwa.

Julius Nyerere also known as Mwalimu which means the teacher in Swahili, was born on the 13th of April 1922 in Tanzania.

He was one of the founding fathers of the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and was pivotal in the liberation of African countries from white colonialists.