Impala speaks on ownership claims

IMPALA Car Rental has clarified alleged reports of its relationship with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) after a damning ‘investigative’ piece was published on some online media publication.
The hospitality giant which has a big footprint in the tourism sector has been dragged into an alleged abduction of journalism student, Tawanda Muchehiwa, after which there was a massive campaign by political activists and other politicians alike for a massive boycott of their services.
In a bid to clear the air after the recent ‘witch-hunt’, Impala Car Rental Chief Executive Officer, Thompson Dondo released a statement demystifying some misconceptions that had made their way into the social circles in a bid to tarnish the company’s portfolio.
“Over the past few months, Impala Car Rental has been subjected to a sustained and spirited online media campaign that seeks to tarnish the image and reputation of the company. Despite all the steps we have taken to facilitate investigations, the online media attacks continue,” reads the statement.
The CEO, Dondo took time to explain that the company is a family business contrary to reports that it is owned by the government through the Chilten Trust which is assumed to be a CIO trust.
“Impala Car Rental is a family business whose directors are Matirasa Francisca Dondo and Clara Dondo, with no links to Chilten Trust,” he said.
“From our humble beginnings in 2007 we had only four vehicles, a clear testimony of how the company has grown over the years. Impala Car Rental has now spread its tentacles into Southern Africa and beyond. Just like any other car rental business, Impala
Car Rental has clients both in the public and private sectors and we feel that there is nothing unusual about this business model.
“The evil machinations to tarnish the image of Impala Car Rental shall continue to be in vain and no amount of online media dirt can stop
our growth.”
Impala Car Rental surrendered documents to the police relating to the hire of one of its vehicles which Muchehiwa alleged he was abducted in.
The case brought the car rental company under the spotlight and has since received attacks from social media activists who were demanding the release information.