Illegal informal traders, a headache for Beitbridge council

BEITBRIDGE Town Council is grappling with illegal informal traders as it tries to bring sanity on local markets while also generating revenue from them.
Beitbridge town is an expensive place to reside in, forcing almost everyone to engage in some form of trade even without licences.
This is the situation that the local authority wants to correct, following an outcry from shop owners and licenced operators, who are competing with the illegal traders.
ZBC News went to the streets of the town to see the extent of the problem and indeed a good number of traders are not licenced, yet it is business as usual for them.
“We are not licenced but we are trying to provide for our families. It’s a cat and mouse game with officials from the council as we go about our business. we know we supposed to be licenced but things are hard and we can not afford licences,” said one of the informal traders
Beitbridge Town Clerk, Loud Ramakgapola said they are trying to formalise all informal traders to restore sanity in the town.
“There is a good number of informal traders who are doing illegal trade and we want to work on that so that we protect our business people who operate in designated places,” he said.
As part of the sprucing up of the border town, the local authority has designated some areas as vending bays for informal traders and is working on enforcement. The Municipality is also appealing to those who owe council to pay on time before interest is charged on their outstanding payments.