Hwange family wakes up to dug up graves

By Mhlomuli Ncube

A family from the Dinde area in Hwange has been left in shock after waking up to three dug up graves in their backyard.

The manner in which the graves were dug up is also a mystery that the Dube family is yet to unravel.

“I got a message from my family members back home. I then left Hwange and travelled to the village. And indeed, we found the graves dug up and we were shocked…they were dug up in a pattern where focus was on where we lay the heads of the deceased during burials,” said Ms Vumani Sibanda, who spoke on behalf of the family.

Despite confirming the incident, Dinde Councilor, Morris Sibanda refused to be drawn into commenting on the issue, citing traditional protocol.

Meanwhile, the Dube family is still searching for answers to the mysterious incident.