Huge turnout for mobile IDs registration blitz

By Memory Chamisa
THE Registrar General’s Office mobile registration exercise which started on the first of this month has been characterised by a huge turnout is some parts of Harare.
Accessing national documents right at your doorstep without any inconveniences has been a blessing for most residents in Budiriro and Epworth suburbs in Harare.
The ongoing civil registry national documents registration blitz has witnessed an overwhelming response, with residents showing appreciation for the initiative.
“This must be the norm instead of us going to market square to get birth certificates and for that we are grateful,” said a resident.
“If you have all the right documents with you they will serve you without any difficulties,” noted another resident.
“We thank our government for this service because honestly speaking going to market square early morning is no fun at all,” expressed another.
Others made a plea for government to put a waiver for those who are guardians to children without proper documentation.
“I’m looking after my grandchildren and their parents are late and I came here to try and get ids for them but was turned away but I have their parent’s death certificates please assist me,” bemoaned another resident.
“Please assist us in getting ids for our grandchildren i do not have their birth records but have their parents ids is that not enough,” explained a grandparent.
The National Mobile Registration Exercise is running from the first of this month to the 30th of September 2022.
The programme seeks to clear the backlog accrued during the past two years due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.