HPV self-sampling kit introduced

By Abigirl Tembo,Health Editor

ZIMBABWE has introduced the human papilloma virus self-sampling kit in a move aimed at ensuring early detection and treatment of cervical cancer

With cervical cancer being one of the leading killer cancers in women, the introduction of the HPV self-sampling kit is expected to reduce the country’s cancer burden.

The sample, according to a sexual reproductive health specialist, Joyce Majongosi, checks for the cervical cancer causative organism, which is the human papilloma virus.

“A woman will collect a sample from her reproductive organ and once the sample is collected its then sent to the lab to check for the causative organism for cervical cancer so the advantage of this kit is that that a woman can do the sample collection on her own in her own privacy and it is a simple procedure, it doesn’t cause any discomfort,” she said.

“This one is a new innovative that is going to be rolled out, it checks for the causative organism the human papilloma virus that causes cervical cancer.

“There are other methods that have been used before like VIAC its just to check for the condition of the cervix to see if there are any changes in the cells around the cervix that could then cause cervical cancer so with this one we are actually identifying the causative organism which causes cervical cancer,” she said.

The sampling kit, which has been approved by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) has been adopted in many European and African countries.

“The sampling kit has been used in many countries in Europe and in Africa. It has been used in Nigeria, Kenya, and is the WHO pre-qualified test for Cervical cancer screening.

“We are testing for the causative agents which causes cervical cancer meaning we will be able to catch the virus first before it can cause cervical cancer and if we are able to do that it will help us to treat early cancer thereby preventing terminal cancer,” said Lisa Mahlupeka a representative of Qiagen Zimbabwe.

A one woman one test cervical cancer awareness golf tournament has been slated from July 15 to July 17 where free cervical cancer screening using the HPV self-sampling kit will be conducted.

The self-test kit is now available at new start centres at for US$5.