Honour your obligations, nurses told

By Memory Chamisa

THE Nurses and Midwives Council of Zimbabwe has called on all nurses to honour their obligations with government and desist from tarnishing the image of the health sector.

The exodus of some nurses to other countries with some leaving without honouring their bonding requirements has seen the Zimbabwe Nurses and midwives Council calling on their members to be professional in their conduct.

The council says the nurses should get official signatures to receive a Certificate of Good Standing, also known as verification letter.

“Normally the certificate of good standing talks about the integrity of a colleague, how the colleague does not have pending cases or issues of discipline involving issues with patients or with colleagues.We don’t want people who go out there and put our name in disrepute,hence we work with the Ministry of Health and Child Care in issuing the certificates after a thorough process,” said Dr Lioba Tendai Gunduza Chairperson of Zimbabwe Nurses and Midwives Council.

Dr Gunduza also warned those acquiring the certificates fraudulently on the consequences that await them.

“Knowing perfectly that this is what the bonding entails, some nurses have failed to honour their part of the contract even though the government has offered them vacancies in all the countries hospitals, some have even gone abroad and forged documents putting the name of Zimbabwe’s Health Centre in disrepute,” she added.

This comes a few days after a nurse and the Principal Executive Assistant to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care were arrested for extortion, after misleading another nurse into believing that they could facilitate a recommendation letter for her to work outside the country for a fee of USD1 thousand .