Holborn Financial Services explores investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

By Patience Nyagato

The country’s engagement and re-engagement drive continues to bear fruit, with an international financial institution in the country to explore possible investment opportunities in the local financial services sector.

The importance of a strong financial sector in an economy was under discussion in Harare this Thursday, with an international financial services organisation, Holborn, keen to explore opportunities in the local financial services sector.

“It’s my first trip to Zimbabwe and I have to say you have an amazing country and I have hope that this is our next African market. I am very keen to encourage our board to make a decision to invest here in Zimbabwe,” said Holborn senior partner Mark McAllister.

The investment opportunities are in line with government efforts to grow the economy.

Hon Kindness Paradza, Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, said, “The launch of the Zimbabwean chapter is testimony of the positive impact of policy thrust of engagement and re-engagement in line with the Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra. We see the coming of Holborn good for Zimbabwe as part of our efforts to attract investment in the country. It must be noted that the strength of the financial services sector is significant to the prosperity of the people of Zimbabwe. When the sector is strong the economy grows. The financial services sector is arguably one of the economy’s key sectors and along with agriculture affects the economy.”

The global financial services company which offers quality financial advice and expertise on a wide range of areas is among many other investors that have shown interest in investing in Zimbabwe.