Higher education minister on the blended learning concept

ZBC Reporter

GOVERNMENT says Zimbabwe’s tertiary institutions are employing the blended learning concept after they re-opened to final year students who are sitting for public examinations during this Covid-19 era.

Speaking during a tour of Great Zimbabwe University campuses this Friday, Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Minister, Professor Amon Murwira said universities are set to upgrade their server and cloud infrastructure, a move meant to ensure the smooth running of the blended learning concept in institutions of higher and tertiary education.

“We retreated on 24 March in order to look at the beast that Covid-19 is. Now that we understand what it is and we have taken measures, we can go back carefully and try to see how we can implement it so that we prevent it to the best of our ability any calamity. When we see new evidence coming, and we need to change we will change in the meantime we seem to be doing well. But remain very pragmatic. If the idea is working we will continue, if it’s not we are also prepared to close again. But we are so advanced with what we doing and we believe higher and tertiary education will continue in one form or another given the circumstances,” he said.

Professor Murwira noted that institutions of higher learning in the country are contributing to the fight against COVID-19 by producing PPEs and sanitizers.

“We are having amazing teamwork within the higher and tertiary education family and one of the advantages is that at universities we are all adults. There is good teamwork and once we have agreed on a thing we do it. We have in a great way supported the fight against  COVID-19  by manufacturing the sanitizers and PPEs which basically means, that part we are covered,” Murwira said.

Minister Murwira’s tour of GZU campuses in Masvingo was meant to assess the implementation of the university’s infrastructural programmes in line with education model 5.0 which promotes knowledge and skills.

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