High Court upholds ZESA Executive chairman’s suspension

By Peter Chivhima
THE High Court has upheld the suspension of ZESA Holdings Board Chairperson, Sydney Gata, who will immediately go for a 2-months mandatory leave with full pay and benefits.
During the period of suspension, Gata is barred from accessing ZESA Holdings premises unless authorised by the power utility.
In his ruling High Court Judge, Justice Tawanda Chitapi noted that Gata’s argument that the Minister or the President of Zimbabwe are the only persons who can sue him on matters arising out of his contract is meaningless and illogical as the contract entered into ties up Gata and ZESA Holdings with Gata being a servant to the latter.
Gata was suspended for allegedly single-handedly authorising all board meetings, unilaterally suspending board sub-committee meetings and establishing one centre of power position against good corporate governance ethics and treating the power utility as his personal property.
He is additionally accused of usurping the powers of the board by purporting to be only answerable to the President acting through the Minister.
The court ruled that it was disturbing that Gata would confront and threaten fellow board members instead of cooperating with them to clear the serious allegations raised against him.
The court also noted that Gata’s suspension and the investigations ordered by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be conducted by ZACC and those being carried by ZESA holdings were joint efforts which do not in any way affect the legality of the application as they both are part of good corporate governance.