Health experts welcome lock down extension

By Theophilus Chuma

Health experts have welcomed the lock down extension as an important measure towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite a decrease in COVID-19 related fatalities in the country over the past three days, health experts agree the nation is not yet out of the woods.

The extension of the lockdown period by a further fortnight announced by President Emerson Mnangagwa yesterday thus comes as an important development to afford the nation a further chance to suppress the figures even further.

The  executive director of the Community Working Group on Health, Itai Rusike said: “We welcome this extension because it allows us to better prepare and continue the fight against the pandemic. Our health systems were under pressure and therefore by managing the figures we will actually be removing that pressure from our health systems.”

Schools remain closed as the country takes a cautious approach to avoid any further eventualities.

“I think this will be very important in suppressing the transmission rates and also improve on our vaccination statistics. This will be very critical to ward off any possible outbreaks of a fourth wave which is currently gripping other nations,” said Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights Secretary-General, Dr Norman Matara.

Government remains firm on ensuring the containment of the pandemic with the massive vaccination rollout across the country set to boost the country’s chances to win the COVID-19 war.