Have a purpose and be united, women in business urged

By Lisa Masuku
WOMEN in business have called for unity of purpose among all women to ensure gender parity in all spheres of life.
With March being the Women’s Month, women continue to use the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights” as an inspiration towards breaking the glass ceiling in male-dominated sectors.”
A forum for women in business held in Harare this Saturday to celebrate women in business availed a platform for women to share experiences, deliberate on opportunities, challenges as well as aspirations for the future.
Speaking at the forum, Power FM Station Manager, Rumbidzai Moyo, highlighted how women have to be each other’s keeper and also urged them to find their purpose in life.
“The reason women went to Beijing 25years ago was to discuss issues of women safety equal opportunities for women, safe spaces for women. It was all about equality. However, 25years later we have made some progress, but we are still talking about the same things. So today as we interact I want us to look at two things our purpose and our place. Define who you are. Do you want to be the woman everyone knows or be the woman who is worth knowing? Praise your fellow women when she excels,” she said
Director of WeLead, Namatai Kwekweza aged said women should not be apologetic about breaking the glass ceiling.
“Be unapologetic about wanting to be successful, be unapologetic about wanting to be rich, be unapologetic about wanting to be a leader, be unapologetic about want to take space which was originally reserved for man, that’s the most important thing because when one woman becomes very successful and creates space for other women we are guaranteed that the world becomes a better place,” said Kwekweza
Legal practitioner and motivational speaker, Rumbidzai Venge added that women should be drivers of the change they want to see.
“In your circle do you empower other women? Do you empower your sisters and all those women around you? One thing that I have noticed is that we are our own biggest enemies even before we start talking about the other people out there. We attack each other. Why do we not stand together? Why do we pull each other down? Let’s have the spirit of praising each other’s good deeds,” she said
The world over, women in leadership positions have left a mark in various sectors, hence becoming an inspiration to many.