Harare’s Samora Machel Avenue to re-open

By Josephine Mugiyo

CONSTRUCTION work at the Mbuya Nehanda statue site in Harare is now complete with roads such as Samora Machel Avenue that had been closed to pave way for the project set to be re-opened on Monday.

An honour befitting an icon and a view reserved for royalty in the city that never goes to sleep.

On Monday the 27th of September the foothill of this new landmark will re-open to motorists with a renewed sense of respect.

Before it was just an ordinary road but now it carries much more meaning.
The closure of the intersection was necessitated by the works on the statue and the architectural structures to support it.

Harare Metropolitan Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Engineer Oliver Chidawu confirmed that the project is now complete.

“The synchronization of traffic lights and a lot of services which had been disrupted by the construction had not been completed and we are now all so excited as it reduces the congestion,” he said.

The statue has become a meeting point and a place of reference.

The immortalisation of the spirit medium Nehanda Nyakasikana whose words sparked the Second Chimurenga is a vivid reminder of the history of the country for those who drive or walk by.

She stands tall, watching over as people go about their business in the ever-busy city.

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