Harare man loses thousands to suspected bogus land developer

By Peter Chivhima

A Harare man lost US$120 000 to a bogus land developer in a botched residential stands deal.

It is the State’s case that on the 1st of this month Tawainga Katsvairo heard from his employee that there was a man only identified as Albert who was referred by Mellania Sakurangwa of Fields of Projects Private Limited to view his residential stands in Retreat Suburb in Waterfalls, Harare, without his knowledge.

The court heard that in order to get to the bottom of the issue, the complainant Katsvairo who is the owner of the stands phoned Sakurangwa pretending to be a potential buyer with, Sakurangwa confirming that indeed the stands were on sale.

It is alleged that Sakurangwa then accompanied Katsvairo to his stands and showed him the stands on offer.

The court heard that Katsvairo discovered that his other stands had already been sold.

Upon being asked on the source, it is alleged that Sakurangwa revealed that the stands belonged to Ronaldo Kugombo.

In another case Kagumbo is being accused of swindling an unsuspecting home seeker of US$3 500 in a botched residential stand deal.

Circumstances are that from the period extending from 2019 to June this year, Kugombo misrepresented facts to Latrose Mafundirwa that he was the owner of a residential stand in Waterfalls Harare.

The court heard that Mafundirwa showed interest and paid the money and later on visited the place with the intention to build a temporary structure but got the shock of his life upon discovering that someone had already built a two roomed cottage.

It is alleged that Mafundirwa tried on numerous occasions to get his issue solved but the accused kept on giving empty promises.

Upon realising that the accused person was no longer picking up his calls, Mafundirwa made a police report leading to Kagumbo’s arrest.

Still at the courts, Gilbert Mazarire appeared at Harare Magistrates Court, facing allegations of attempted murder.

Circumstances are that on the 4th of this month Mazarire stabbed his girlfriend with a knife on the stomach before hitting her with a bottle on the forehead after accusing her of infidelity.

Mazarire was not asked to plead and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.