Sally Mugabe hospital (Harare) set to digitise

By ZBC Reporter
THE Government in partnership with the United Emirates government UEA and Estonia are taking a pioneering step in digitising the health sector starting with Sally Mugabe hospital, the Ministry of Health and Child care has said.
Briefing the media during a tour of Harare hospital by the UEA and Estonia delegates, the Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Mayo said Sally Mugabe hospital is set to be a digitised health institution as part of government’s digitisation efforts.
“Digitisation of Harare Hospital which is being spearheaded by UAE government and Estonia is a great initiative that will make the work of both health practitioners and patients easier. Once we go completely digital this will also see increased transparency once everything is highly computerised,” said the Minister.
Rashed Mohamed Awadh Al Hemeiri, Director of Technical Cooperation in the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move to digitise Sally Mugabe hospital is part of their continuous efforts of supporting Zimbabwe as they share a common goal, which is embracing digitisation.
“We are here as UEA to support the health sector in Zimbabwe. This is a continuous effort of the nations of the UEA, Zimbabwe and Estonia with a common goal to digitise the health sector. This morning we toured the medical science department at the University of Zimbabwe, we also visited the ministry of ICT and before coming here we also met with the Minister of Health and Child Care. The purpose of these visits is mainly to make a proper assessment on what can be done as we embark on this pilot project,” said His Excellency Rashed Mohamed Awadh Al Hemeiri, Director of Technical Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
As the UAE we have experts on health, we have had success stories on digitisation of health sector together with our partners Estonia, which are known to be leading in smart governance and E-solutions.
“We thought that with those two strengths we can be in a very strong partnership with a potential country with a very committed government which puts the interests of its people first,” said Hemeiri.
Director for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Kadi Metsandi, a representative from Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Digital transformation of the health sector is a long journey which requires commitment.
“We are on a fact-finding mission to find out what has been done, what are the needs and to see how best we can digitize the health sector,” she said.
The Minister of Health and Child Care expressed gratitude for the two nations continued support for Zimbabwe’s health sector.
“We are very grateful, we are happy you have taken Sally Mugabe hospital hookline and this has become your favourite ground. We realise that you have been supporting us as the UAE in terms of machinery and medicine. We are grateful for the link that has been created by his excellency President Mnangagwa,” he said.
Commenting on the doctor’s situation and the state of available services at hospitals following the doctors strike which has been going ON since last year in September as they downed their tools claiming incapacitation, the minister said everything was back to normal.
“We are happy the doctors are back and they have scaled up their services. Both junior and senior doctors are back at work providing the best of service. They are back in full force.We want to be able to work together as one team, everyone has a role to play,” said the minister

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